179 Great Road, Suite 104B, Acton, MA 01720 • 978.263.0010

Attending: John Lawlor, Kristen Cressman, Sarah Fletcher, Karen Burke, Lou Genovese

Special conference call meeting called by John Lawlor, President for the purpose of reviewing and approving flyer, logo and sponsorship levels for Q1 2011 YP Connect event as requested by YP Connect Advisory Committee

1.) Decision on YP sponsorship levels (re document YP Connect Event Sponsor.pdf)

     A. Accept sponsorship levels as outlined by YP at $100, $175 and $250.  Reminder to YP to be certain to cover their costs and define details of banner. Future events for Chamber such as Education and YP and others should be reviewed for consistency by the leadership team regarding sponsorship.  Request YP to connect with leadership for future events as we are working to clarify sponsorship levels in the Chamber.

2.) Logo

     A. Reworked flyer as sent by Lou on 12/13/2010  to Jamie approved

     B. Logo as reworked by Lou (Chamber with YP in shades of blue) approved, logo’s are inherently iterative and future shifting is possible

3.) Leadership team should revisit sub-branding and propose to board a strategic position for discussion. Agenda item for LT Meeting 12/29

4.) John will reply to Jamie confirming the decisions from today and connect with Nina similarly.

Meeting opened 8:18 am and closed 8:56 am

Submitted by Clerk: Karen Burke